Thursday, July 4, 2013

Movie Soundtrack of My Life.

Well, let's do this then!

Opening credits: The Bird and the Worm - Owl City. Aw how cute.
Waking Up: Bizarre Love Triangle - New Order. 
Falling in Love: London Beckoned Songs About Money Written by Machines - Panic! at the Disco. 
Fight Song: Keep it Simple - Cobra Starship. Chillest fight ever.
Breaking Up: A Story to Tell - Woe, Is Me
Life’s Ok: Kill Everybody - Skrillex. wow that's "ok"
Getting Back Together: Daydream Away - All Time Low. Welp. 
Wedding: Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (Dirtyphonics Remix) - Skrillex. OKAY
Birth of Child: Chop Chop - The Academy Is... "I've got myself to blame for this" what
Final Battle: Snakes on a Plane (Bring it) - Cobra Starship. well this is nice
Funeral Song: The Worst of Them - Issues. el oh el 
End Credits: Barcelona - Plastiscines. my life is a mess

What I mean by 'dabbling in everything'

So, what have I been up to lately...

Well, I finally found the motivation to start painting these shoes I bought half a year ago. I hope my cake decorating skills help me out somehow! For all I know, I still kinda suck at painting. *awkward laughter*

Because you can never have enough Daft Punk in your life. No.
 Other than that, I drew these!

The Panic! at the Disco logo actually wasn't centered properly... but hey, I think it looks okay. Why do I sound so sarcastic today.

Then this one, I don't really know how to explain this properly. The idea's in my head but I don't know how to translate it into words. Way to go. Okay, let's give it a try.

So, the girl. Wearing all of this bright, crazy stuff. If you remove all of that stuff, all you get is a deathly pale girl with pitch black eyes. I kind of used that to represent... how a lot of us cover ourselves up so much. Not literally, but you know, all of us have this sort of facade... sometimes as a form of 'self-defense' or just to fit in with others. In this case, the girl is dead inside but she uses all of these things as a cover-up/diversion. feeling the feels

Then the crazy guy on the left actually started out as a mistake oops but I just used him/it/whatever as a representation of, well, anything new, or anything you could be afraid of. Like, everything looks crazy and scary at first, but you never know if you're gonna get something good out of it.

...or if it's gonna bite you in the ass. And for me, it does. A lot.

Is all of this making sense or. Okay.

IN OTHER NEWS, for this drawing, I used markers, crayons, annnd that's all. Dang, I really need to work on drawing people.


Other than art, I also started a poetry blog! I don't know if it's even considered as poetry, but people on Tumblr seem to like it. I love you, random Tumblr people. I'll keep it private/anonymous for now, though... unless you can find it. Good luck with that!


I've also been teaching myself how to do CSS/HTML again. I'm trying to learn Javascript as well! I don't know why I love doing these things, they just feel like so much fun. Like how not-so simple codes and letters and symbols could turn into something totally different. 

This is basic stuff but u kno. rt if u creyd
Also, I like figuring out how people make websites look a certain way. Not just in an, "Oh cool, I wonder how they did that." way. More of in an, "OH MY GOD. THAT THING. HOW. I NEED TO KNOW." kind of way. 


As if it weren't so obvious already, I've been listening to music. A lot of music. From electro house to post-hardcore to indie pop to HEY DUDES ARE YOU READY TO

Like seriously, it's starting to get really confusing but I love it. I was stuck in this rut (I'm itching to make an All Time Low reference but). I was listening to pretty much the same songs and got kinda lazy when it came to searching for new stuff. 

Now, I'm digging out some of the old music I've practically forgotten about, I'm listening to new music from genres I've never really tried out before, and with the insanely fast internet connection we have here, I can listen to whole album streams without any lagging whatsoever. I've also been roaming around Soundcloud a lot. It's a lot of fun!

I sometimes have this 'system' when I listen to music... for example: I listen to an album I've never heard of before. I literally grab a piece of paper/open Notepad or whatever application, I list the songs down and seriously write about every song. Like, the song doesn't really sink in unless I've written about it, or unless I've listened to it a million times (though, there are some exceptions). I'd start a music blog but I HAVE TOO MANY BLOGS. I'll probs just post them here. Yay!

So yeah, music. 

Speaking of music, I've been on Tumblr a lot lately, and there are all of these iPod shuffle challenges. I'm so tempted to try them omg I'll put them in a different post.


I think that's everything! So if you say you're stuck at home with nothing to do, GO DO SOMETHING. Or eat. That works too. 

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Jazz doesn't listen to jazz: Metro Station

Yeah, you read that right. Metro Station.

A few years ago, I was 13 or 14, and I used to be the biggest Metro Station fan. Ever. It's one of the reasons why my Twitter account has 102,000+ tweets.

Scratch that. I wasn't a fan... I was a huge fangirl. If my thirteen-year-old self could build a shrine for them, I probably would've.

Also, I admit, I had this big fat crush on Trace Cyrus... and Mason Musso. Yeah. No, actually, all of them. I'd watch aNtcam (did I spell that right?) and Blake Cam everyday and it would feel like the first time every time.

Yesterday, I don't know what got into me, but I decided to download almost the whole Metro Station discography... and yes. Flashbacks. Most people know Shake It and Seventeen Forever, but I have a few songs that I really like/used to really really like, and I'm gonna share them with you guys!

Oh wait, photos! (none of them are mine)

From left to right, there's Trace, Mason, Blake, and Anthony or aNt (...yeah, with the capital N.) Source
Lol. Source

Yup. Oh my god I just remembered when Anthony followed me on Twitter years ago. That was crazy. Source
Okay, let's get to the music. I think Metro Station was my... 'transition' to indie music/more obscure electronic music, 'cause when I was looking for their less famous songs back then, I stumbled upon a bunch of other semi-unknown bands along the way.

Anyway, I'll try to describe the songs to you. Try. Let's start with one that a lot of people know:

Kelsey. First of all, the video. You need to see it. I don't know if it affects you in any way, but I get butterflies in my stomach every time. I actually really like the lyrics. How do I describe this... it's like, a song I could just dive into and drown in, happily.

California. Perfect road trip song. It makes me feel all light and free. I am not good at describing things.  There's a slightly rougher version of the song, which I kinda like too. Here.

Tell Me What to Do. Super fun song... and their voices. Ngh. Also, YEAH, MOVE LIKE THAT, YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH, MOVE LIKE THAT.

True To Me. She's too fun to be so gone with me, too good to be true to meee. Fun to scream sing along to. Heehee.

Wish We Were Older. Makes me wanna jump around and roll around and. Feels.

Control. Same vibes as Wish We Were Older. YEP.

There you go! Did you have fun? I had fun. Tell me what you think!

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Weird Dream

So this morning, I woke up from one of the awesomest dreams I've had in a while. This is gonna be a long one.

From what I can remember (I tried to list out everything I remembered right when I got up, haha), it started out with me going to a super crowded mall with this Asian (Japanese? I forget) lady. I have no idea why I was with her and what we were doing there.

This mall always pops up in my dreams. It doesn't exist in real life, but in my dreams it's usually the only mall I "go" to. It's in a fixed place in my mind... it's on the corner of a street and there's a hotel right across it (that hotel is where a lot of my creepy dreams take place).

It's like I have my own little city in my head. Anyway...

This Asian lady was in a bad mood. Again, I've no idea why. We were walking around for a bit, then she took me to this convenience store... with some sort of mini-library inside. I was like, "Uh, what are we gonna do here?" Then she was like, "It's yours. You can have it." "Have what?" "The store."


So yeah. She gave me a store as if it were just a piece of candy or something, then she disappeared. I got a call from my friend, Ger, and she told me wanted me to meet up with her that afternoon.

I was on my way out of the mall when I ran into my friend, RJ, who dragged me towards the side of the mall near the elevator. Then he was all, "Can you keep a secret?" so I said yes, we went into the elevator and when we got to wherever the hell we were going, the doors opened and woah. I wish that existed in real life.

I'm pretty sure we weren't at the mall anymore... or were we? I don't even know.

We were suddenly at this HUGE record bar. Huge. So big, you can't even see the wall on the other side of the store. So big, you'll probably die before you reach the other end. Like a giant supermarket full of CDs and vinyl records. No one else was in there either, except employees. I swear to god, in that dream, it felt like I died and went to heaven.

We looked around for a while, then we decided to have some froyo (how can you say no to froyo).

I was almost done and I looked down at my cup to scrape off whatever was left in it. The moment I looked up though, I was sitting on a sidewalk... no more record bar, no more cup of froyo.

So that was weird. 

Then I remembered that I had to meet up with Ger! So I rode a 'star rider' or whatever you call that red car thing that kids and I play with. It was hell. I was driving a kid's car through Pasig (like, near the market and stuff) avoiding trikes and jeepneys and trucks. I don't know if I was screaming in real life but I wouldn't be surprised if I was.

While driving through hell, I found Ger standing on the sidewalk! ...two of them, actually. A long-haired Ger and a short-haired Ger, both in SHS uniforms. Desperate to get out of the road, I ran right towards them.

Why didn't I just walk instead of driving that thing,

We walked to a house (my house in this dream, apparently) and the three of us went up to my room. When I got inside, a few of my friends were there! There was Ysa, Sophie, Mika, Sam, Ainee... then this other guy I didn't know.

whatchu doin' in my room, boy

So we were all talking and laughing out loud and eating chips, until someone came out of the bathroom and who was it?

That Brody(?) guy from Glee.

Everyone was all, "Oh, hey!" like it was nothing... okay.

So he sat on the floor and we all continued laughing and talking and eating...

until Brody started kinda harrassing the dude I didn't know, stroking his back and whatnot and they started yelling at each other.


I stood up and went out of my room... then I woke up.

So maybe the dream wasn't exactly the 'awesomest' like I said earlier, but it was weird.

Very. Weird.

The end!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Jazz doesn't listen to jazz: The Academy Is...

So what's with the title? My first name is Jazz... and quite frankly, I don't really listen to jazz music. I mean, I like it, but I don't listen to any jazz musicians in particular. The irony. I'm not part of any "jazz music fandoms." Do those exist?

This is possibly the first of a series of posts where I talk about the musicians I built shrines for listen to!

Anyway, as a lot of you people know (or maybe not, but now you will know) I am a huge The Academy Is... fan. They're technically no longer a band, but they'll always be alive. Right here. *rips heart out of chest*

I've sort of outgrown my band fangirl phase but this band, along with a few others, still brings out the always-screaming fan inside of me.

I don't know many people who listen to TAI, and I'm usually insanely overprotective of the bands I listen to (I'm sorry), but their music is just too good to hide and it must be SHARED WITH THE WORLD *angry fist-waving* so I thought I'd share with you some songs you should listen to...

...then I'll drag you headfirst into the fandom. Yes. Lettuce begin. But first:

Ugh. (source)
UGH. (source)
U G H (source)
This is William Beckett. He's perf. HHHNNNGGG, (source)
Photos aren't mine but I wish the people in the photos were... what who said that

Okay, now let's really begin. To make this more fun, I'll include my favorite line/s from every song I choose. Yay! Click on the titles to listen to them.

Black Mamba

Love me, or leave me, or rip me apart.

The Phrase That Pays

Take a chance and make it big, 
'cause it's the last you'll ever get. 

Down and Out 

Dream of demons while you sleep, 
that make you stutter when you speak 
Speak now, or forever hold your peace in pieces. 

The Fever 

When the summer is gone, it won't be long, 
'til someone's got the fever creepin' inside.

We've Got a Big Mess on Our Hands  (everyone in this video, I just. YOU GUYS)

...honestly, every line in the song. Go google it.

Sleeping with Giants 

Oh, we are restless and tired of sleeping with giants
of modern mankind with their egos of fire and it seems like
It's been a lifetiiime

Everything We Had (warning: you might cry.)

I'll be with you wherever you go,
through the eyes of a fly on the wall.


While he's letting you in, 
you've got the feeling you've been followed under your skin
It will be weighing on your shoulder, believe it.

40 Steps

Again, every line in this song. I can't pick just one.

Summer Hair = Forever Young

Sparked up, sparked up, like a book of matches
Falling through the night
and rising from the ashes.

Automatic Eyes

Staring at the mirror through your hair, you can't see
everything that you did to me.


These mistakes are just part of the ride,
and if we choke on the next tongue that we tie
I, I, still feel the same

After the Last Midtown Show

Somewhere in the act,
we were part of something ours, and ours alone
Anywhere was home.

One More Weekend

We are half alone, our hearts are leaving home.


Run, in another five months, you'll be alone
and you'll drive around this empty town
to the places, to the places we used to go.

I'm Yours Tonight

Forever alone until I found you, 
and now you’re always there;
voice on the air, scent on my clothes
Oh, but when the sun exposes all my demons, 
will you stay, or run away?

...basically, the whole first verse.

Yay! Go tell me what you think: what you think of the songs, how creepy you think my fangirling is, if you think William Beckett's hair is magical... comment below!

Speaking of William Beckett, go listen to his new single, Benny and Joon! Perfection. You won't regret it. Also, watch out for his upcoming album, Genuine & Counterfeit!

All of the feels I had while creating this post gave me a literal headache.

Monday, June 17, 2013

MORE TL;DR: The Lefty Life

A couple of hours ago, I tweeted:

"Some people get so amazed when you're a lefty... then they stare at you whenever you do anything at all. .-."

...and so I decided to blog about a few things I have to go through as a lefty! Oh god, where do I start.

1.) Whenever I'm drawing, or writing, or eating, once I notice someone staring at me, it begins. "You're left-handed?" "Uh, yes?" "OMG so you do everything in reverse? You must be really creative! You're an artsy person aren't you!?" then they proceed to watch me do whatever it is that I'm doing.

Guys, stop doing that. It's so awkward. :-(

2.) Writing in spiral notebooks is *^#@ing hell. Especially the ones that have giant rings. The rings just kinda 'poke' the side of your hand constantly and *Dick Bagwell voice* It hurts. Plus, when you try to avoid the rings, your handwriting is not pretty. At all.

3.) I don't know if this is true for everyone, but I have ugly handwriting. Okay, not super ugly, but it isn't neat. I think it has something to do with the way we hold pens. I've kinda learned to just let it be, but sometimes, it gets so frustrating (I used to be the type of person who rips out a page and starts over whenever her notes aren't neat).

4.) Related to the handwriting thing is pens. Everyone loves Pilot's G-Tec pens 'cause of how they never skip, how easy they are to write with... nope, doesn't apply to me. No matter what kind of pen I get, no matter how expensive it is or how good the reviews are, any pen I use will start skipping at some point.

Again, it's probably the way we hold them and the way we write. Righties drag a pen when they're writing, while us lefties sort of 'push' it, so the ink doesn't flow the same way. Help us.

5.) Still related to writing (and drawing as well), is when your hand smudges everything you just wrote/drew. When you're right-handed, you just drag your writing tool, so any of the stuff you just did doesn't really get affected. Meanwhile, for us, anything we do will inevitably get smudged, unless we twist our hand in some weird way that it doesn't touch the paper.

When I draw, I seriously have to plan where to start and which direction I go to so I don't ruin my work. Sometimes I forget to plan, and then... yeah. Sad lyf.

6.) Scissors! You have no idea how many times it's taken me like, five minutes to cut a strip of tape and how many times I've been called 'stupid' for "not knowing how to cut a simple piece of tape." With most scissors, I have to angle them in some weird way just to get things cut properly. I have to like... pull one blade with my ring finger, push the other one with my index finger and thumb, and just, jesus.

7.) One thing that happens a lot (but doesn't really bother me anymore) is desks. In school, most (sometimes, all) desks are for righties. That's fine with me now, no big deal. I've learned how to write on righty desks with no problem. What's a huge hassle though, is when someone else notices you're a lefty, then they have to go through all the trouble just to look for a desk for you. You're like, "No, it's okay! I'm fine with this desk." but they still insist on getting you one.

8.) What is this?!?!?!

9.) You constantly bump elbows with other people next to you. It usually happens when we're eating. It bothers me a lot, especially because of how bony my elbow is. I can't even imagine how much other people's arms hurt when I accidentally elbow them. I'm sorry.

10.) I don't know if it's true that being left-handed makes you more prone to being clumsy, but no matter who's reading this, I'm telling you: I'm probably one of the clumsiest people you know. I drop knock everything over, I trip on my own feet when I'm barefoot, and I'm also kinda... "verbally clumsy." I stutter a lot and talk awkwardly and bah. 


On the plus side, there are a lot of famous lefties and for some reason, it makes me feel all special that we go through the same crap every now and then.

So... there. The lefty life.

Do you have any other lefty problems? Or do you have righty problems of your own? Comment below! ...and, on a completely unrelated note, if you like trippy stuff, click here!

TL;DR: What I've been up to this week.

I'm using a Mac. I just felt like it needed to be said. Man, this thing is cool.

This blog just reached 1,000 pageviews, yay! Love you guys. 

No photos in this post, sadly. I just wanna blog and talk about my life. *glitter bombs!*

This past week was nice. Last Wednesday, I went to Timezone at High Street with my cousins. They didn't have Dance Dance Revolution, boo but they did have DJMax Technika which was... good enough.

Just kidding, it was GREAT.

My cousin slept over last Friday 'cause she wanted to join us ('us' being me and my uncle... my uncle and I?) to go to a special screening of Man of Steel at Glorietta. Henry Cavill. That is all. Seriously though, the movie was epic. You should go see it if you haven't already.

After the movie, my uncle and I dropped my cousin off at UST 'cause she had a training sesh with her dance troupe. After that, I ate at Ma Mon Luk(did I spell that right?) for the first time. I also ate siopao for the first time (okay, maybe not the first time, but it's the first time I've finished half of one. #swag) Great food! No wonder the resto's still standing after all this time.

On our way to my uncle's dressmaker to pick up the pants he had made... or was it a martial arts outfit of some sort (what is up with my grammar today) we stopped at Starbucks to get some drinks! Yay, overpriced coffee! I got an espresso frappe. Yummeh.

There was this guy next to me in line, who looked kinda like Greyson Chance but a bit older, and he kinda smiled at me. HAHA


Later that night after we got home, my cousin invited me to go to her place, and I was like, "No, you go here!" she did. Sleepover part tres! Eating! Trips to Mini Stop! Real Talk! More eating!

The next day, my aunt (my uncle's wife's sister... my aunt.) visited and invited us to watch Tarzan (the musical) with her at Meralco Theater! We said yes obviously and took a shower and put dresses on and everything. Hooray! I wore heels and I can walk in them properly, hooray!

Tarzan was awesome! Musicals are my guilty pleasure. All of the actors had perfect voices and perfect faces and ugh. Go. Watch. It. Man of Steel and Tarzan. Go. 

After the show, we went outside, had some siomai and waited for the actors to come out so we could have photos with them. While waiting, we saw a few celebrities walking around -- Erik Santos, Tom whose-last-name-I-do-not-know from PBB, and Aiza Seguerra (eep!).

We ended up not seeing any of the actors, but that's okay. *heart shatters into a million pieces* Kidding! It's all good.

Afterwards, we had a Father's Day dinner at Hai Chix & Steaks at Home Depot in Ortigas. The food there was heavenly. I had calamares, shrimp, and my true loves, steak and buffalo wings. A+++

We went back to my uncle's house to have some dessert. In the living room, there were two faded photographs of my cousins on canvas. My aunt asked me to turn them into pop art-inspired pieces! Of course, I accepted the challenge.

So... that's what I'm doing right now. I am drowning in acrylic paint and marker heaven. I'll post progress shots when I get them done (hopefully very soon)!

This past week has been very interesting. Very.


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Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Yeah, I'm opening a milk tea shop! (just kidding I hate milk tea)

My super-cute cousin, Chia, had a tea party last Saturday to celebrate her birthday (and mine too, sort of)!

Since my laptop isn't with me, I've decided to show you guys how everything looked through an Instagram photo dump! I have no idea how the photos are gonna turn out when I publish this, 'cause I'm currently trying out a mobile application called Bloggeroid. Ooh.

So yes, it was all very pre-tea... you can laugh now.

Welp, I might publish another post about what I've been up to this past week, so stay tuned for that!

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Monday, June 3, 2013

New Media

Quick post!

I've been hit by inspiration this weekend (thank you, universe) and I was able to create a couple of things on my sketchpad!

This, this doesn't have a title yet. This started out as a random shape I sketched and then I thought, "Hey, this looks like a screaming alien!" which is why there's an eye over there. Do aliens have eyes? Heh, aliens. I've been using coloured pencils a whole lot, and I decided it was time to try out a new medium (or a medium I haven't used in a while). I was talking to my friend, RJ, and he asked me to try using coffee, so I did. I colored it in with coffee. Starbucks coffee. Not really. In yo' faces. Not really.

I was really pleased with how it turned out. I'm usually a messy painter/artist/person... not that art shouldn't be messy, it can be whatever it wants to be. I was just slightly surprised at how neatly I was able to create this.

Here's a piece I just started working on, as a sort of 'part two' to the previous one I made. It's a very light sketch. I altered the contrast a little so you could see it a bit clearer. It's a full page this time! I might stick to good ol' watercolour pencils for this one.

Sooo, that's all! I'll create a post of this second piece once I get it done. Adios.

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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sugar Rush

No, this isn't a post about Candy Crush. Yes, I know that the game actually says 'sugar crush.'

Wow, a music post!

I've been drinking an awful lot of Coke floats lately (or at least, more than I usually do) and I noticed that they have this effect on me. They're like drugs. I get super hyper and I feel like running around the house. Sometimes, I actually do run around the house. Everything just goes from silent to super trippy.

To somehow describe this feeling further, I've created a playlist. I didn't focus so much on lyrics, but more on the vibe they gave off. Enjoy. Or not. Whatever.

I've included links so you could listen to them. Neither the videos nor the music are mine.

1. Behind the Sea by Panic! at the Disco
2. Like or Like Like by Miniature Tigers
3. Bizarre Love Triangle by New Order. This song is my jam.
4. Barcelona by The Plastiscines
5. Big Fat Bass feat. by Britney Spears hoho
6. Smash the Floor by We Bang
7. First of the Year (Equinox) by Skrillex
8. Good Girls Go Bad (Cash Cash Remix) originally by Cobra Starship
9. Planetary (GO!) by My Chemical Romance
10. Superheroes by Daft Punk

Now, go buy me a Coke float.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Impromptu Road Trip

A few weeks ago, at 2 AM, my family came up with this idea to 'go to Tagaytay right now,' and we did! We all packed really quickly and left.

I fell asleep somewhere along the way, and when I woke up, we were at Burger King somewhere along SLEX. There's nothing like eating burgers at 3AM.

Sleepy little bro.

We got to Tagaytay at around 5AM. I was so disoriented, I went to sleep right when I got there!

The next day, I walked around the resort (inn? motel? lodge?) we were staying in 'cause I honestly had no idea where we were. I found this pretty garden near our room!

We spent the rest of the day driving around Tagaytay, and we stopped at LZM Restaurant, which my mom says has the best chicharong bulaklak ever... she was right. I don't eat chicharon and even I liked it. I had salpicao with it too. Yummy foood.

Afterwards, we went to the Sky Park, where you can find the tallest ferris wheel in the Philippines, the Sky Eye. It's a great place! It isn't completely finished yet, though. I think they're going to add more restaurants to the area.

We topped the day off with a ride on the Sky Eye. Thank god I was able to control my fear of heights. Still, I got that ticklish feeling in my legs when I was looking down!

I think the Sky Eye would be better to ride during the day, considering the fact that there aren't so many lights in Tagaytay at night, so you wouldn't get much of a view.

If you're going to Tagaytay, I really suggest you take your family there for some fun! They have this sort of caterpillar ride called the 'Nessi Coaster,' a train that goes around the park, and a lot of rides for little kids!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Super Mario Party

I went to a birthday party this weekend and it was super duper fun!

Cute decorations!

 I had to go to the venue a lot earlier to set up the cupcake display my mom and I prepared. It wasn't as bongga as our usual projects 'cause we were busy playing Candy Crush Saga.

OOTD! Super simple. Shorts from Promod, a cami from Giordano and a pair of sneakers I've been planning on painting. Oh, and a mushroom beanie to go with the theme! (o u o)

What should I paint onto these babies?
 Accessories! The bracelets are in my previous post.

Mom's awesome sneakers.

 Our cupcakes were simple but cute when they were all together!


While waiting for the party to start, I looked around the clubhouse to see what stalls were around. There was popcorn, sweets, ice cream, and... Starbucks!

 I didn't even know that Starbucks had this kind of thing going on! They didn't have frappes at the party (aww) but that's fine.

As the people started coming in, I was asked to help out in arranging the stuff on the prize table. I took photos of some of my favorites!

Touchable bubbles! If you didn't have these as a kid, you have missed so much of your childhood.

 Yo-yos and lollipops (I don't eat candy though. Haha!)

 These pretty things.

I also saw this set of watercolour pens on the table and my aunt let me get a set! Score!

While the kids played games and watched the magician's show, I spent my time drawing on Starbucks cups!


To end this post, here's your generic sky+tree silhouette photo:

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