Monday, March 18, 2013


Today was my brother's graduation from pre-school! We went to OB Montessori (Greenhills branch) this morning for the ceremony. When I got there, I remembered the time I took my entrance exams... which I do not wanna elaborate on. Haha.

In other news, I wore a dress today! Brownie points!

Afterwards, we went to Torch Restaurant in Greenhills, along Connecticut Street. The interiors were nice and the place wasn't crowded either.

We tried a bunch of food. Truffle fries, homemade fries, salad bar, cheese pizza, angus steak, mushroom bisque, pumpkin soup... they were all good! My ultimate favorite though, was the steak fondue (sorry for the grainy photo!):


The vegan life is not for me.

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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Summer Lovin'


This week has been so heavy. Pulled two or three all-nighters in a row, and ended up sleeping on anything I can lean on... and laughing at the way I draw toilets.

I know, right.

A lot of people are on vacation now, and I'm jelly. Everyone's like, "0MG SUMM3R V4C4T10N L0L3RZ!!<3 T1M3 2 R34D 5UM B00KS 4ND L4Z3 4R0UND!" For a minute, I even forgot that I still had classes 'cause I was searching for books to read, so I wouldn't be laying in bed for three months... then I remembered. Oh well, oh well.

Today, I had to wake up early to go to my little brother's PTC which was at 10am. What time did I wake up? 9:50, BUT we got there on time. Magic. I spent most of my time taking these photos:

While my little brother (who got accelerated and is graduating this Monday, by the way!) took these photos...

By the way, here are the nails I did for the color block day of my nail art challenge!

 Still have to improve on cleaning it up!

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Friday, March 8, 2013

Hi! I'm Jazz Gabrielle.

Girl, or very pretty gay boy? Kidding!

You can call me whatever you like. I’m a 16-year-old interior design student and aspiring DJ. I currently live in Manila, but I would love to travel around the world someday! This blog acts as a journal, where I write about art, travel, music, fashion, and whatever catches my eye.

I love crafts, electronic music, microwaved chocolate cakes, and glitter! I could bathe in glitter. I’m not much of a movie person, but I do enjoy watching TV series which include Glee, New Girl, HIMYM, and The Walking Dead!

A perfect day for me would include cool weather, cloudy skies, spending the day wandering around somewhere (a park, a small town, whatever) with a few friends, while taking photos and drinking frappuccinos. I’d have extra spicy buffalo wings for dinner yuuum and top my day off with some stargazing until the sun rises. tl;dr: a big day out.

That's all for now. If you're curious about anything else, hit me up on or comment below! xx

Nail Art March!

So I was scrolling through my Instagram timeline when I found someone repost a photo by @californails about a nail art challenge for March! I'm not sure how long this has been going on (I'm relatively new to IG), but I think it's really awesome to find a challenge that's actually do-able!

It goes like this:


01 - Chevron
04 - Stripes
07 - Gradients
10 - Color Block
13 - Luck
17 - St. Patty's Day
19 - Vintage
22 - Swatch
25 - Sparkles
28 - Floral
31 - Pastels

You can also get a photo version of the list on :)

I haven't done the one for today yet (gradients) but here's the one I did for the stripes category!

I used a blue polish from Elianto (the name got rubbed off... I've had it for so long :P) and a white nail art pen. My hands are a little shaky, but I think it looks okay!

I'm thinking of doing a mani like the one on Cobra Starship's Hot Mess album cover when I have the time... 

I attempted it a couple of years ago. It wasn't so good, but it was fun to do (kept me occupied for a day!) and I think I can make a better version now. Haha!

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