Saturday, April 20, 2013

Happy Place

I finally got to go out to a few places this week! Fun fun fun. If I could go outside everyday, I totally would, but you know how it is these days. Even standing right in front of your house puts you in danger.

I went to the supermarket last Wednesday to buy the junk food my little brother's been craving for the night before: "You don't have Nova! You don't have wafers! You don't have Oreo!" we bought him toiletries. Jay-kay. In other news, I found the trippiest aisle ever.

 Also, my aunt bought some buffalo wing-flavoured Pringles that I knew I just had to try 'cause, come on, buffalo wings! They were okay. They didn't remind me of buffalo wings, but they tasted more like spicy sour cream, so it's all good:

Last night, my aunt wanted to find some clothes for the summer, so we went to heaven Shangri-La Mall and met up with my cousin there. That place is my paradise! Ahhh. We spent most of our time at Rustan's. I'm so glad they adjusted their store hours!

Their displays for this season are super cute! The bright colors of their merchandise really stand out against the plain white walls, like splashes of paint on a canvas. I think it's been a while since they've renovated this Rustan's branch but I'm still really amazed at how well they've opened up the space!

After a bit of walking and looking around with my cousin, we went upstairs to meet up with my aunt who was looking for a rashguard at Roxy. Pink everywhere!

I wandered off to a seat I found nearby and took some random and crappy photos. Out of all of those shots, I only got a single decent one:

I've never owned a pair of Toms. Lolerz 2 hipsta 4 u
After our little trip, we got hungry -- I was craving for frozen yogurt, and my cousin was craving for pancakes. That was when I realized that Shang doesn't have a pancake place... maybe Secret Recipe, but their food is not good. :( We decided to pick my mom up and go to Pancake House at Metrowalk!

When we got there, I remembered the red velvet pancakes on that Pancake House billboard near Petron, where my mom stops for gas. I decided to try it out! I'm not really a 'slave' for red velvet but I don't know... I just felt like trying something new. In fairness, the pancakes in the photo and in real life look the same.


It was good, but it was also nakakaumay. I only got to finish three 'cause the taste was starting to get... not really bland, but it was getting kinda dull and too sweet at the same time? If that makes any sense. I'm not someone who likes sweet stuff -- I don't even eat candy unless they're mints or mint-flavored gum. These pancakes were worth a try though! Usually, I'd only have a golden brown waffle and nothing else.

In other news, here's the manicure I did based on the Hot Mess album cover. It's kinda wrecked now (especially my left hand) and I'll have to change it, but you get the point. lazy nigga

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