Saturday, April 6, 2013

Makeup Mayhem

I found some old photos from my aunt's makeup practice a few months ago, so here we go!

I've been wanting to try makeup classes since I was a little kid, but the tools are expensive (so are the classes) so it'll have to wait, for now. When I found out about my aunt taking lessons at MUD, I was so stoked! I love seeing how makeup artists (all kinds of artists, really) work: how they set their stations, the techniques they use, and how their style differs from others in their field. Another thing I really love is looking at all of the palettes!

The first time she practiced on me, she wanted a Twiggy-like look:

She figured that since I have short hair, it'd fit perfectly:

The second look she did for me was candy colour-themed:

I had to wear a wig for this one: 

Which I eventually removed:

My aunt also got selected as one of the makeup artists for The King and I! She had to practice doing a complete theatrical look (which was really thick!) in under 20 minutes.

Funny story which wasn't so funny when it happened: My nose isn't straight anymore because a year ago, my little brother was jumping around when I was trying to carry him to our car, and his head hit my nose. Hard. I thought it got broken. We both started crying and my mom laughed at us. :-((

I started wearing a bunch of wigs:

Yeah, wigs are fun. I wanna dye my hair turquoise sometime.

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