Monday, April 1, 2013

Never Ever Ever

I did a bunch of drawings this weekend. I figured it was the only way I could keep myself from getting super bored at home since I've been home a majority of the time.

I drew Taylor Swift, which was requested by one of my followers:

I did Georgina Wilson too:

...and she saw it! <3

and I'm currently working on a drawing of the Glee cast for my little cousin who loves Glee:

I went to my brother's PTC today at OB Montessori too. Little boy has awesome grades. He got perfect scores on all of his exams for the year except for one (which was a 98, but still)! My mom and I took a look at the 1st Grade classroom so we could get a feel of how different it was from my brother's old classroom:

Their classrooms look like so much fun. Not the typical, "I'm the teacher, you sit there and listen and memorize" setup. deep sigh i almost studied here

What I find cool about this branch as well, is how they're able to move all of the offices and furniture and guard posts around again and again while construction is ongoing. The place never feels cramped or anything, even with the limited space they have for now!

Naks, photo editing.

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