Monday, April 15, 2013

Pixie Cut

I've had a pixie cut for a while now and a lot of people (myself included) think it suits me better, compared to having longer hair. I got my first in 2009, after I had to fix a haircut that went wrong (ahemBENCH FIXahem). I let it grow out until I got tired of it, and I got one again last year. Lazy.

My hair before. :-(
Here are a bunch of reasons why I love having short hair! Weee.

It's super easy to maintain. Okay, maybe not super easy, but relatively easy compared to longer hair. Pixie cuts still require some work but when you're feeling lazy, you can just let it dry after you take a shower without having to spend the whole time combing it.

The wind doesn't bother you. As someone who commutes, having your hair blown all over the place can be the most distracting thing ever -- both for you and the people around you. With a pixie cut, you don't really have to give two craps about how it looks, even if the wind attacks you mercilessly.

Faux-hawks! 'Nuff said. That, up there, is not a faux-hawk though... or is it

No tangles! I remember having long hair and waking up, then having to spend five minutes detangling it. No thank you.

Pixie cuts bring your face out. If you can pull a pixie cut off, you most likely have a great bone structure (my mom's hairstylist tells me that I can go bald and still look pretty good, haha!) You don't have to hide behind your hair or anything like that. As for me, I don't know... I can 'see' better. Not because I used to have bangs that cover my eyes, but long hair used to distract me so much that I couldn't concentrate on the things around me.

Sometimes people can't tell if you're a boy or a girl. I don't know if this is a huge pro, but it's always fun messing with people's heads. :-)

There you go! If you wanna give a pixie cut a try, I say go for it! Beware of the long, long process of growing it out though, if you change your mind.

Speaking of short hair, I cannot get over how pretty Dakota Blue Richards is!!!

SO PRETTY!!! UGH SO PRETTY.  *builds a shrine* Source

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