Sunday, April 7, 2013

Top 5: Favorite Nail Artists

Everybody knows that I'm a huge nail polish + nail art addict. Half (or maybe more) of the accounts I follow on social networking sites are nail artists, so I thought I'd share my top five with you guys!

These aren't in any order, by the way. None of these photos are mine, and I give full credit to them.

Links to their accounts are at the bottom of the post!

Let's get started! My first pick is Supa Nails, which is owned by Susanne Paschke. I found her Tumblelog a year or two ago and fell in love with the geometric patterns and bright colours she used for her nail sets (which she sells on Etsy). They're done so neatly, too!

Next up is Sophie Harris-Greenslade; better known as The Illustrated Nail. I LOVE the nail art she does! The details are so intricate, I can't even imagine how long it takes her to finish one manicure. Everything is hand-painted, as far as I know! She's done nail art for Kipling, Dior, and several magazines.

The third is Arle Suarez/Arle's Nails! I found her account while browsing through Instagram a couple of months ago. She does very clean swatches and her jelly sandwich and saran wrap manicures are super cute!

My next pick is WAH Nails, which is a nail art boutique based in London. They have a large variety of nail art designs to choose from, and it's fun to see how they mix and match their patterns!

Last but not the least (ha ha, cliches), is a nail salon in California owned by Donne and Ginny Geer, called Hey, Nice Nails! Out of these five artists, I think this is the one I've been following for the longest time. They have tons of cute designs and I love the little charms they use for their manicures!

Tadaa, there you have it! If you know of any other good nail artists, comment below!

The Illustrated Nail: Twitter/Tumblr/Instagram/Facebook
Arle's Nails: Twitter/Blogspot/Instagram
Hey, Nice Nails!: Twitter/Tumblr/Instagram/Facebook

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