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What Not to Do at a Concert

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The lights...

The loud music...

Seeing your favorite artist/band perform...

Almost the whole crowd singing and dancing along to every song...

It's all a lot of fun!

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What isn't fun is having your moment ruined by rude concertgoers. They may also have been having a moment of their own, but that doesn't mean that they have to disturb other people in the crowd. So, based from experience, here's a list of things you should avoid doing at a concert.

1. If you're tall/taller than most people, please don't stand in front of people smaller than you. I know you want to get as close to the stage as you can, but be sensitive of other people in the crowd. They didn't pay a lot of cash just to have a view of some guy's back.

2. Don't wear heels. This is obvious for most people, but I really don't understand why (and how) some girls manage to go to concerts in heels. Like, high heels. You guys are just making your lives harder.

3. Don't block the way with your cameras/gadgets. So you're having a great time, jumping around and whatnot, then the person in front of you takes out... his iPad. Heaven help us. What makes things worse is how some of them have cases with covers that flip open. 

4. Don't ever shove people. To get a guitar pick that fell onto the floor, to get to the front of the crowd, whatever. You shouldn't shove people. I remember this one chick at a concert I went to (forgot which) who kept shoving everybody every five minutes or something. The venue isn't just yours, stupid.

5. Lastly, speaking of saying, 'stupid,' don't insult or curse anyone just because they caught something the performer threw towards the crowd. Yeah, it's your favorite band or singer and someone else getting that water bottle makes you really angry, but do you really need to shower him or her with hate? At least try your best to keep your mouth shut.

Story time! During LIV5 in TriNoma last year, I was eating in my seat during the break between sets (I was sitting in the back row of the Gold section). Then Andrew Cook (drummer of A Rocket to the Moon) threw his drumstick really far away that it hit my shoulder so hard, that it went numb for a while. Anyway, one of my friends scrambled to pick it up and someone from behind the barrier between the Gold and Silver section was yelling insults at her! Ruuude.

The end. I hope you guys can relate... and remember that you can always have a great time without having to hurt others (wow I sound like a grade school teacher). Class dismissed!

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