Thursday, May 16, 2013

I Just Wanna Be on the Beach


Hello there. I feel like I've been gone for so long! A few weeks ago, I went on my first beach trip for the year! It was a company outing, and I acted as a substitute for my mom. Haha!

I stayed at my uncle's place the night before and I packed a little too many clothes (oops) so I had to trim the amount down a bit so they'd fit in my backpack properly! I got a bit of help from my cousin who was also part of the trip.

Our departure time was at around 7:30 AM, so being the people who take ages to get up, we set our alarms at 5, 5:15, 5:30, and so on. What time did we get up? 6. Close enough! 

After getting all of our stuff ready, we went to my mom's office a.k.a the assembly venue to wait for everyone to arrive. I met one of my cousin's friends/schoolmates, Brian, who also works for le company and rode with us to our destination.

Everyone got into their respective buses (we had our own ride, heehee) and went on a three or four-hour ride to Aristocrat in Subic. I pretty much slept the whole time. Neither of the buses were there yet when we arrived, so we went to Harbor Point to look around. I love that mall.

We went to a Roxy/Quiksilver shop and found the cutest pairs of shorts! A whole rack, actually. Too cute. I don't know why I've been so obsessed with pink stuff lately.

Afterwards, we checked out the shoes and accessories at Aldo. I want those zipper earrings. I want those sunglasses. Those cheetah-print sneakers.

We went back to Aristocrat and had some chicken barbeque or at least that's what I think it was with java rice and some iced tea. I wanted froyo at the little ice cream/froyo place next to the restaurant but... actually I don't know why I didn't get some. Welp.

After another hour and a half, we finally got to Capones Vista Beach Resort. We had the whole place to ourselves! Cool beans. The place wasn't huge, but it was definitely big enough for a hundred people. They had cottages for people to stay in, two swimming pools, and a lovely view of the ocean.

We were supposed to have team building games right when we got there, but it was too hot out, so we waited until the sun got a little less brutal. I chilled on the side of the pool, talking to whoever would join me.

At around 4PM, we started the team building exercise! A few people and I acted as facilitators. We played a The Amazing Race sort of game, pass the message, charades and a slightly scandalous longest line contest.

As the sun set, tables were set up around the resort and we had our dinner. I had steak... then some more steak. Like I've said before, as much as I'd like to try, I can never become a vegetarian.

After dinner, everyone started swimming and drinking and singing karaoke and doing crazy stuff. It was all a lot of fun, and it was a lot of fun ignoring the fact that we had an island-hopping trip scheduled at 6:30 in the morning. I went to sleep at around 2:00 AM, with 30 or more people still outside. I don't know when they went to sleep, if they ever slept at all. Lol.

The next day, the annoying rooster alarm ringtone we set jolted us awake. We lazily dragged ourselves across the freezing room to get dressed and ready for island-hopping. Most people were still asleep, so the trip got moved to 7:00 AM. Hallelujah!

As we were walking towards the boat, I started panicking a little (I have this fear of the ocean. I rarely ever let the water even reach my knees whenever I'm at the beach), but somehow got rid of it. I swear to god, this is probably the first time that I stayed completely calm during a boat ride.

We first went to this island (I didn't really hear what it was called) where we saw a few campers staying on the beach. We also found this giant rock that everyone climbed onto to take photos. The sun was pretty intense, even though it was early in the morning. I felt like I was being fried.

The amount of garbage floating around the ocean was really sad.

We went to a second island that was a bit far. I think it took us 30 to 40 minutes to get there.

We finally got to the island, but a bunch of us stayed in the boat 'cause it was way too crowded on the beach. We just sat back, took some photos and watched mountain climbers from afar while waiting for the others to return.

I think we were supposed to go to another island, but didn't 'cause it was also very crowded and rocky, which could be dangerous if we pushed through. Ironically, I think that island we didn't visit was Capones Island. Sad life.

We went back to the resort and stayed on the beach for a while. I finally have a beach photo! Yay. We went back to the pool afterwards and swam until noon. I got darker, but not as bad as I usually would. I used to look like burnt food whenever I'd swim.

Everyone had lunch, and started packing their stuff up. I had some yummy mangoes while waiting for everyone to get ready and finish their photo op. If mangoes were the only food left on earth, I'd be happy. If they were pineapples though, I'd die.

We left at 1 in the afternoon and fell asleep a few times during the long trip. We stopped at TOPS in Subic to have a look around. I saw this cute lace top from Bershka! I spent maybe... fifteen minutes, staring at it.


My cousin and I went to the 7-Eleven branch nearby and bought a hotdog sandwich and some donuts. I found a Slurpee machine that had a Mountain Dew flavor which I have been looking for for AGES, and what happens? It's out of order. I'm secretly Bad Luck Brian.


Good news though: I found some Pokka in there!


Awww yeah Pokka. We stopped at Puregold afterwards to get some food and drove aaall the way home.

That's about it. I gotta say, for a two-day trip, it was pretty packed; not bitin at all!

Take a look at Capones Vista Beach Resort here and check out the links on my sidebar! x

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