Monday, May 6, 2013

Iron Man 3

Last Wednesday, my family and I went to Newport Mall to watch Iron Man 3! It was my first time

watching a movie on the day of its premiere. We usually don't go to premieres 'cause of how crowded the malls can get.

Apparently, Kuya Germs was also having an event at the Performing Arts Theater to celebrate his 50 years in the industry. There were celebrities all over the place... but none that I could recognize. I was only able to tell 'cause of the sparkly gowns they had on and the look on their faces, expecting attention. Whoops.

Anyway, Iron Man 3 was awesooome! I'm not gonna give away any spoilers, but it was really really really good.

After the movie, my cousin and I went to GameZoo and played with the jelly things near the entrance. They were so amusing, omg. We spent around an hour or two at the arcade. Doing what, you ask? Playing with the photobooth. I got surprised when I saw that it was only P15 for each turn! It's definitely not as perfect as Jewella in Timezone, but it was worth it!


We got a bit hungry after, so we ate at Stackers. Burgers are my weakness. We shared a big cheeseburger, buffalo wings, watermelon shake and Mountain Dew. Yum.

We got home super late, but that night was fabulous.

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