Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Super Mario Party

I went to a birthday party this weekend and it was super duper fun!

Cute decorations!

 I had to go to the venue a lot earlier to set up the cupcake display my mom and I prepared. It wasn't as bongga as our usual projects 'cause we were busy playing Candy Crush Saga.

OOTD! Super simple. Shorts from Promod, a cami from Giordano and a pair of sneakers I've been planning on painting. Oh, and a mushroom beanie to go with the theme! (o u o)

What should I paint onto these babies?
 Accessories! The bracelets are in my previous post.

Mom's awesome sneakers.

 Our cupcakes were simple but cute when they were all together!


While waiting for the party to start, I looked around the clubhouse to see what stalls were around. There was popcorn, sweets, ice cream, and... Starbucks!

 I didn't even know that Starbucks had this kind of thing going on! They didn't have frappes at the party (aww) but that's fine.

As the people started coming in, I was asked to help out in arranging the stuff on the prize table. I took photos of some of my favorites!

Touchable bubbles! If you didn't have these as a kid, you have missed so much of your childhood.

 Yo-yos and lollipops (I don't eat candy though. Haha!)

 These pretty things.

I also saw this set of watercolour pens on the table and my aunt let me get a set! Score!

While the kids played games and watched the magician's show, I spent my time drawing on Starbucks cups!


To end this post, here's your generic sky+tree silhouette photo:

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