Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Jazz doesn't listen to jazz: The Academy Is...

So what's with the title? My first name is Jazz... and quite frankly, I don't really listen to jazz music. I mean, I like it, but I don't listen to any jazz musicians in particular. The irony. I'm not part of any "jazz music fandoms." Do those exist?

This is possibly the first of a series of posts where I talk about the musicians I built shrines for listen to!

Anyway, as a lot of you people know (or maybe not, but now you will know) I am a huge The Academy Is... fan. They're technically no longer a band, but they'll always be alive. Right here. *rips heart out of chest*

I've sort of outgrown my band fangirl phase but this band, along with a few others, still brings out the always-screaming fan inside of me.

I don't know many people who listen to TAI, and I'm usually insanely overprotective of the bands I listen to (I'm sorry), but their music is just too good to hide and it must be SHARED WITH THE WORLD *angry fist-waving* so I thought I'd share with you some songs you should listen to...

...then I'll drag you headfirst into the fandom. Yes. Lettuce begin. But first:

Ugh. (source)
UGH. (source)
U G H (source)
This is William Beckett. He's perf. HHHNNNGGG, (source)
Photos aren't mine but I wish the people in the photos were... what who said that

Okay, now let's really begin. To make this more fun, I'll include my favorite line/s from every song I choose. Yay! Click on the titles to listen to them.

Black Mamba

Love me, or leave me, or rip me apart.

The Phrase That Pays

Take a chance and make it big, 
'cause it's the last you'll ever get. 

Down and Out 

Dream of demons while you sleep, 
that make you stutter when you speak 
Speak now, or forever hold your peace in pieces. 

The Fever 

When the summer is gone, it won't be long, 
'til someone's got the fever creepin' inside.

We've Got a Big Mess on Our Hands  (everyone in this video, I just. YOU GUYS)

...honestly, every line in the song. Go google it.

Sleeping with Giants 

Oh, we are restless and tired of sleeping with giants
of modern mankind with their egos of fire and it seems like
It's been a lifetiiime

Everything We Had (warning: you might cry.)

I'll be with you wherever you go,
through the eyes of a fly on the wall.


While he's letting you in, 
you've got the feeling you've been followed under your skin
It will be weighing on your shoulder, believe it.

40 Steps

Again, every line in this song. I can't pick just one.

Summer Hair = Forever Young

Sparked up, sparked up, like a book of matches
Falling through the night
and rising from the ashes.

Automatic Eyes

Staring at the mirror through your hair, you can't see
everything that you did to me.


These mistakes are just part of the ride,
and if we choke on the next tongue that we tie
I, I, still feel the same

After the Last Midtown Show

Somewhere in the act,
we were part of something ours, and ours alone
Anywhere was home.

One More Weekend

We are half alone, our hearts are leaving home.


Run, in another five months, you'll be alone
and you'll drive around this empty town
to the places, to the places we used to go.

I'm Yours Tonight

Forever alone until I found you, 
and now you’re always there;
voice on the air, scent on my clothes
Oh, but when the sun exposes all my demons, 
will you stay, or run away?

...basically, the whole first verse.

Yay! Go tell me what you think: what you think of the songs, how creepy you think my fangirling is, if you think William Beckett's hair is magical... comment below!

Speaking of William Beckett, go listen to his new single, Benny and Joon! Perfection. You won't regret it. Also, watch out for his upcoming album, Genuine & Counterfeit!

All of the feels I had while creating this post gave me a literal headache.

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