Monday, June 17, 2013

MORE TL;DR: The Lefty Life

A couple of hours ago, I tweeted:

"Some people get so amazed when you're a lefty... then they stare at you whenever you do anything at all. .-."

...and so I decided to blog about a few things I have to go through as a lefty! Oh god, where do I start.

1.) Whenever I'm drawing, or writing, or eating, once I notice someone staring at me, it begins. "You're left-handed?" "Uh, yes?" "OMG so you do everything in reverse? You must be really creative! You're an artsy person aren't you!?" then they proceed to watch me do whatever it is that I'm doing.

Guys, stop doing that. It's so awkward. :-(

2.) Writing in spiral notebooks is *^#@ing hell. Especially the ones that have giant rings. The rings just kinda 'poke' the side of your hand constantly and *Dick Bagwell voice* It hurts. Plus, when you try to avoid the rings, your handwriting is not pretty. At all.

3.) I don't know if this is true for everyone, but I have ugly handwriting. Okay, not super ugly, but it isn't neat. I think it has something to do with the way we hold pens. I've kinda learned to just let it be, but sometimes, it gets so frustrating (I used to be the type of person who rips out a page and starts over whenever her notes aren't neat).

4.) Related to the handwriting thing is pens. Everyone loves Pilot's G-Tec pens 'cause of how they never skip, how easy they are to write with... nope, doesn't apply to me. No matter what kind of pen I get, no matter how expensive it is or how good the reviews are, any pen I use will start skipping at some point.

Again, it's probably the way we hold them and the way we write. Righties drag a pen when they're writing, while us lefties sort of 'push' it, so the ink doesn't flow the same way. Help us.

5.) Still related to writing (and drawing as well), is when your hand smudges everything you just wrote/drew. When you're right-handed, you just drag your writing tool, so any of the stuff you just did doesn't really get affected. Meanwhile, for us, anything we do will inevitably get smudged, unless we twist our hand in some weird way that it doesn't touch the paper.

When I draw, I seriously have to plan where to start and which direction I go to so I don't ruin my work. Sometimes I forget to plan, and then... yeah. Sad lyf.

6.) Scissors! You have no idea how many times it's taken me like, five minutes to cut a strip of tape and how many times I've been called 'stupid' for "not knowing how to cut a simple piece of tape." With most scissors, I have to angle them in some weird way just to get things cut properly. I have to like... pull one blade with my ring finger, push the other one with my index finger and thumb, and just, jesus.

7.) One thing that happens a lot (but doesn't really bother me anymore) is desks. In school, most (sometimes, all) desks are for righties. That's fine with me now, no big deal. I've learned how to write on righty desks with no problem. What's a huge hassle though, is when someone else notices you're a lefty, then they have to go through all the trouble just to look for a desk for you. You're like, "No, it's okay! I'm fine with this desk." but they still insist on getting you one.

8.) What is this?!?!?!

9.) You constantly bump elbows with other people next to you. It usually happens when we're eating. It bothers me a lot, especially because of how bony my elbow is. I can't even imagine how much other people's arms hurt when I accidentally elbow them. I'm sorry.

10.) I don't know if it's true that being left-handed makes you more prone to being clumsy, but no matter who's reading this, I'm telling you: I'm probably one of the clumsiest people you know. I drop knock everything over, I trip on my own feet when I'm barefoot, and I'm also kinda... "verbally clumsy." I stutter a lot and talk awkwardly and bah. 


On the plus side, there are a lot of famous lefties and for some reason, it makes me feel all special that we go through the same crap every now and then.

So... there. The lefty life.

Do you have any other lefty problems? Or do you have righty problems of your own? Comment below! ...and, on a completely unrelated note, if you like trippy stuff, click here!

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