Friday, June 21, 2013

Weird Dream

So this morning, I woke up from one of the awesomest dreams I've had in a while. This is gonna be a long one.

From what I can remember (I tried to list out everything I remembered right when I got up, haha), it started out with me going to a super crowded mall with this Asian (Japanese? I forget) lady. I have no idea why I was with her and what we were doing there.

This mall always pops up in my dreams. It doesn't exist in real life, but in my dreams it's usually the only mall I "go" to. It's in a fixed place in my mind... it's on the corner of a street and there's a hotel right across it (that hotel is where a lot of my creepy dreams take place).

It's like I have my own little city in my head. Anyway...

This Asian lady was in a bad mood. Again, I've no idea why. We were walking around for a bit, then she took me to this convenience store... with some sort of mini-library inside. I was like, "Uh, what are we gonna do here?" Then she was like, "It's yours. You can have it." "Have what?" "The store."


So yeah. She gave me a store as if it were just a piece of candy or something, then she disappeared. I got a call from my friend, Ger, and she told me wanted me to meet up with her that afternoon.

I was on my way out of the mall when I ran into my friend, RJ, who dragged me towards the side of the mall near the elevator. Then he was all, "Can you keep a secret?" so I said yes, we went into the elevator and when we got to wherever the hell we were going, the doors opened and woah. I wish that existed in real life.

I'm pretty sure we weren't at the mall anymore... or were we? I don't even know.

We were suddenly at this HUGE record bar. Huge. So big, you can't even see the wall on the other side of the store. So big, you'll probably die before you reach the other end. Like a giant supermarket full of CDs and vinyl records. No one else was in there either, except employees. I swear to god, in that dream, it felt like I died and went to heaven.

We looked around for a while, then we decided to have some froyo (how can you say no to froyo).

I was almost done and I looked down at my cup to scrape off whatever was left in it. The moment I looked up though, I was sitting on a sidewalk... no more record bar, no more cup of froyo.

So that was weird. 

Then I remembered that I had to meet up with Ger! So I rode a 'star rider' or whatever you call that red car thing that kids and I play with. It was hell. I was driving a kid's car through Pasig (like, near the market and stuff) avoiding trikes and jeepneys and trucks. I don't know if I was screaming in real life but I wouldn't be surprised if I was.

While driving through hell, I found Ger standing on the sidewalk! ...two of them, actually. A long-haired Ger and a short-haired Ger, both in SHS uniforms. Desperate to get out of the road, I ran right towards them.

Why didn't I just walk instead of driving that thing,

We walked to a house (my house in this dream, apparently) and the three of us went up to my room. When I got inside, a few of my friends were there! There was Ysa, Sophie, Mika, Sam, Ainee... then this other guy I didn't know.

whatchu doin' in my room, boy

So we were all talking and laughing out loud and eating chips, until someone came out of the bathroom and who was it?

That Brody(?) guy from Glee.

Everyone was all, "Oh, hey!" like it was nothing... okay.

So he sat on the floor and we all continued laughing and talking and eating...

until Brody started kinda harrassing the dude I didn't know, stroking his back and whatnot and they started yelling at each other.


I stood up and went out of my room... then I woke up.

So maybe the dream wasn't exactly the 'awesomest' like I said earlier, but it was weird.

Very. Weird.

The end!

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