Thursday, July 4, 2013

What I mean by 'dabbling in everything'

So, what have I been up to lately...

Well, I finally found the motivation to start painting these shoes I bought half a year ago. I hope my cake decorating skills help me out somehow! For all I know, I still kinda suck at painting. *awkward laughter*

Because you can never have enough Daft Punk in your life. No.
 Other than that, I drew these!

The Panic! at the Disco logo actually wasn't centered properly... but hey, I think it looks okay. Why do I sound so sarcastic today.

Then this one, I don't really know how to explain this properly. The idea's in my head but I don't know how to translate it into words. Way to go. Okay, let's give it a try.

So, the girl. Wearing all of this bright, crazy stuff. If you remove all of that stuff, all you get is a deathly pale girl with pitch black eyes. I kind of used that to represent... how a lot of us cover ourselves up so much. Not literally, but you know, all of us have this sort of facade... sometimes as a form of 'self-defense' or just to fit in with others. In this case, the girl is dead inside but she uses all of these things as a cover-up/diversion. feeling the feels

Then the crazy guy on the left actually started out as a mistake oops but I just used him/it/whatever as a representation of, well, anything new, or anything you could be afraid of. Like, everything looks crazy and scary at first, but you never know if you're gonna get something good out of it.

...or if it's gonna bite you in the ass. And for me, it does. A lot.

Is all of this making sense or. Okay.

IN OTHER NEWS, for this drawing, I used markers, crayons, annnd that's all. Dang, I really need to work on drawing people.


Other than art, I also started a poetry blog! I don't know if it's even considered as poetry, but people on Tumblr seem to like it. I love you, random Tumblr people. I'll keep it private/anonymous for now, though... unless you can find it. Good luck with that!


I've also been teaching myself how to do CSS/HTML again. I'm trying to learn Javascript as well! I don't know why I love doing these things, they just feel like so much fun. Like how not-so simple codes and letters and symbols could turn into something totally different. 

This is basic stuff but u kno. rt if u creyd
Also, I like figuring out how people make websites look a certain way. Not just in an, "Oh cool, I wonder how they did that." way. More of in an, "OH MY GOD. THAT THING. HOW. I NEED TO KNOW." kind of way. 


As if it weren't so obvious already, I've been listening to music. A lot of music. From electro house to post-hardcore to indie pop to HEY DUDES ARE YOU READY TO

Like seriously, it's starting to get really confusing but I love it. I was stuck in this rut (I'm itching to make an All Time Low reference but). I was listening to pretty much the same songs and got kinda lazy when it came to searching for new stuff. 

Now, I'm digging out some of the old music I've practically forgotten about, I'm listening to new music from genres I've never really tried out before, and with the insanely fast internet connection we have here, I can listen to whole album streams without any lagging whatsoever. I've also been roaming around Soundcloud a lot. It's a lot of fun!

I sometimes have this 'system' when I listen to music... for example: I listen to an album I've never heard of before. I literally grab a piece of paper/open Notepad or whatever application, I list the songs down and seriously write about every song. Like, the song doesn't really sink in unless I've written about it, or unless I've listened to it a million times (though, there are some exceptions). I'd start a music blog but I HAVE TOO MANY BLOGS. I'll probs just post them here. Yay!

So yeah, music. 

Speaking of music, I've been on Tumblr a lot lately, and there are all of these iPod shuffle challenges. I'm so tempted to try them omg I'll put them in a different post.


I think that's everything! So if you say you're stuck at home with nothing to do, GO DO SOMETHING. Or eat. That works too. 

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